Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Highlights - 9.30.11

It's time for another edition of our TGIF Weekly Highlights!  I hope everyone has had a great week!  I for one, thought that the beginning of the week seemed to go by SUPER fast while the end seemed to drag on...maybe I shouldn't stay up so late to watch those shows...

Anyway, our week has been pretty uneventful, but here are some highlights:
Yup, these kids better not ever say we don't do anything for them

lookin' reeeeaal silly

Thuggish Ruggish Bone
  • getting ANOTHER hug from the student who NEVER hugs.  Everyone seems to agree that this is beyond HUGE and well, it melted my heart.  I was speechless and in tears when it happened...made my week!
  • I did not get sick but once since last Friday!  However, I haven't been feeling too terrific :(
  • cooler weather the past couple of days which makes me smile :)
  • thinking of the even cooler weather tomorrow makes me beam...FIRE-PIT!!!
  • knowing Fall Break is 1.5 weeks away...YAY!!
  • seeing a beautiful picture of a perfect and healthy baby girl, Harper, born to my former teammate, Megan and her husband Brian yesterday
  • tomorrow is OCTOBER!!!
  • needing a jacket this morning
  • getting another coupon book from our PTA
  • Honey Bunches of Oats Banana Bunches cereal...AMAZING!
  • dressing up for my students this afternoon with my other teammates to create a video entitled, "Prepositions" to the tune of "Black and Yellow".  We LOVE relating to them...but yowza, this video was hilarious.  Check out some photos... (above).
  • Seeing this video from my dad (it's Shawnee playing with a light-up truck that B and I got him for working so hard on learning to read.  He's also wearing a SUPER precious hat he made at school in honor of Johnny Appleseed)

Hope you had a great week too and have lots of highlights!
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 weeks!

So, I'm really starting to feel a bit thicker around the body here and I'm just noticing that my clothes are actually a bit tighter...even kinda seeing a little bump which is welcomed!  I know I shouldn't wish away my pregnancy and hope for me to "show", but I am ready for my bump to grow and grow beyond me just looking like I've "Hasselhoffed" a bunch of doughnuts and cheeseburgers.
10 weeks :)
  How I'm feeling...
I'm still getting more 'morning sickness' during the day, with most of it now being late afternoon and evening, instead of just at night. I've actually gotten sick twice this week which hasn't happened too much, as I usually just feel REEEEALLY nauseas, but never get sick. Most days, I am never wanting to eat breakfast, but today I did.  However, I did read that it is not good to start the day with dairy if you're experiencing the morning sickness and I didn't think about that while eating 3 bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats today.  Whoops.  I was okay though!  I'm wondering if that is the reason I got so sick so suddenly last Friday??  Eeee! 

Also, per usual, I am still ALWAYS tired!!!  I've been having anxious feelings a bit still, but I've been able to work through them, and again this weird lower back pain is just random!  Other than that, I've felt pretty good!  

Cravings/ Aversions
Sandwich cravings still, so I've been indulging in PB&Js...A LOT!  They are just so good!  I also went and upgraded our fruit supply so I pretty much dominated our grapes in one day...whoops. Honey Crisp Apples are back in season and while expensive, I just cannot resist them...soooo candy!  My friend, Jamie, introduced them to me a few years ago and I seriously anxiously await their arrival come autumn!

I'm feeling pretty good!  Still always seeing the bright side of most things...where people like that tend to annoy me, I feel as if I'm there...most of the time, that is!  Other times, my attitude is in FULL SWING and I feel as if I am anxious or angry.  Nothing usually comes of it..B has only had to deal with me just a wee bit :)

The tenth week marks the beginning of a critical period in Baby T's development when all the vital organs have formed and are beginning to function.  Baby is also growing tiny nails on his/her fingers and toes as well as tiny buds for teeth fuzz hair on his/her tender skin.  Bones and cartilage are forming, and small indentations on the legs are developing into knees and ankles.  The arms (completed with elbows) can flex already, but are actually only about the size of this number 1 (YOWZA...that's crazy little!!!).  What's also cool is that Baby's little tummy is already producing digestive juices and the kidneys are producing larger quantities of excess as well!

Baby is about the size of a prune this week (but not nearly as shriveled), weighing in at less than a quarter of an ounce...yowza...that's tiny!  He/She is a little over an inch and a half long from the top of its head to its cute little bottom :)
view from the front...ahhh even getting fuller on the sides...eeeek!
Sorry to look so scary...haven't much felt like putting on the makeup for school when I'm so tired in the mornings!  And yes, that is a lunch stain on my shirt...jelly...lovely.

See you Friday for weekly highlights!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a GREAT weekend!  It was so nice to not actually have "real" plans where we had to go somewhere...we got to pick where we went and what we were up to and it was wonderful!

Friday night, B and I had a date night!  We realize our time is limited for it being just us two so we are trying to relish in every last minute! Since we were so thrilled to have a weekend at home, we decided we'd stick with that theme and ordered in dinner and watched a movie (Bridesmaids).  B hadn't seen it yet and I kept talking about how funny it is so of course, we HAD to watch it!  He liked it :)  Of course, as soon as the movie was over, so was my alertness and I was down for the count...per usual.

Saturday night, our friends, the newlywedded Carpenters came over for fire-pitting, grilling out, and the CATS game.  We try to do dinner with them about every other week or so and we trade off cooking.  From a "low country broil" to slow roasted ribs, we've had EVERYTHING in the name of deliciousness...well, this week, it was their turn and they did NOT disappoint...they made us beef steak kabobs in their own homemade marinade.  They were sooo yummy!  
B rigged up our TV from the office outside so we could enjoy the absolutely PERFECT fall weather.  After dinner, we got the fire-pit going and then Beth and I made s'mores in our typical fashion...we LOVE them!  By the end of the night, Brad and Kody were melting everything they could find...yes, our husbands are 12.  
Firepit made it pretty smoky 
that's my mans :)

They brought Kobe...and in his UK wear!!!  We're friends.

it's hard to see Kody's can because it's so camouflaged 
my Bethany...the Dr./Mrs. C. :)
We were up very, very late (longer than my preggo behind is used to, but I was waaaay proud of myself!) on Saturday night with the Carpenters and the fire-pit and everything so we slept in and then met my parents at Hall's on the River for lunch.  Shawnee was SOOOO excited to see us because he can now read!  He could NOT wait to show us what he's been working so very, very hard on, so it was one of the best moments ever!  He is doing so great and it was incredible hearing our little Kindergartner reading!  Being the proud aunt I am, I actually (of course) took several videos of him reading...he is so stinkin' precious!  I will get them uploaded soon :)
After a Hot Brown for me and a Fish Sandwich for B, we were ready to throw in the towel and head home so he could have his "football Sunday" and I could indulge in some Sunday sleeping, but he promised dad he would help him move some things from their storage unit back to their house for a garage sale that they're having next weekend.  During this time, I worked with Shawn on tying his shoes (he has a big thing of LEGOs waiting for him as soon as he gets this next trick down) and then Cathryn and I took him to the park.  He is so animated and so full of life!  It was so precious seeing him interact with other kids and by himself...and he even saw his principal from school and greeted him very politely and enthusiastically!  I tell ya, that kid is something else :)  I LOVE Sundays with my family!
I'm a proud Aunt :)

My my sir, what scary teeth you have!

He must still be hungry

Now, we're ready to unwind, relax, and prepare for an eventful week of work ahead.  Hope everyone has a fantastic work week and we'll be back soon with our 10 week update!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I don't know about you all, but this has felt like a LOONNNNNG week!  Maybe it was work, maybe it was not feeling great, maybe it was the weather...I don't know, but it felt long!  The day started off fast, but then it felt long too.  I actually started the day pretty sick.  I am always nauseas at night, but lately I have been feeling it during the daytime hours as well.  I never really actually "get sick" per say, but I feel pretty lousy when it comes on.  Well, today had me running off to the restroom as soon as I forced myself to eat breakfast.  I really am struggling with not feeling too hungry in the mornings, so I've been making myself eat to help me feel better, but today it did not.  I soon was feeling better and was able to eat lunch though, but now I'm just so tired!  On an exciting note though, you could actually kind of see my little bump today!  Yes, I still just look chubby, but there's definitely a small protuberance now! Watch out world, here we come!  Bahaha

I hope your week has found you well and wonderful...
Here are a few highlights from ours:
*our shows starting back up...yesssss!!!  We LOVE Modern Family, Survivor, the Middle, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, Parks and Rec, and the Office
*Bridesmaids on DVD (seriously, the BEST movie ever!)
*having Cathryn come over to hang out with us yesterday
*a student who never hugs me back, actually return a squeeze (his mom says this is HUGE!)
*getting to see Rachel at a training (I was her babysitter when I was in high school and now she is a teacher here in Fayette County!)
*sharing new ultrasound pics
*having a little bump
*talking and catching up my former teammate, Sandy, last night!
*catching up with Jen today from my old school about her pregnancy
*catching up with Brandy...she is so thoughtful and supportive and so helpful!
*getting a special "thank-you" giftcard to Babies-R-Us from Jason and Christie (it's our very first baby themed gift!)
*looking forward to time with Beth and Kody this weekend
*talking with some very supportive parents
*realizing that Fall Break is only 2.5 weeks away! 

We hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9 weeks update!

Not the best picture...but here's me at 9 weeks.
Sorry, it's after a lonnnnnnnng day at work so I look INCREDIBLY rough!

How I'm feeling...
I've started getting more 'morning sickness' during the day but the brunt of it comes at night.  I'm feeling pretty bloated all the time and am ALWAYS tired!!!  I've been dealing with some anxiety lately and is something I've always had to deal with, but it just seems more than normal.  I'm not exactly sure, why though?!?  I honestly am pretty laid back about everything so far and am not nervous just yet into this journey so I don't know what's causing me to feel a little off each morning and night.  Another symptom I am experiencing is lower back pain.  Anytime I sit down or stand for too long, my lower back hurts A LOT.  If I'm sitting and go to stand, I have to stand like a little old lady...hunched over for about 30 seconds or so...until I can ease myself into straight posture again.  It's incredibly odd!  Is this going to get worse?!?  I love everything about being pregnant so far...but this is kinda odd!  

As I said last week, I am still in a fantastic mood!  I have been dealing with some anxiety, but that's nothing on my mood whatsoever!  Even my extreme fatigue or new nausea during the day can't get me down...or so that's what I'd like to think and try to aim to feel!  Like I've said before, how could ANYTHING get me down?!?  We're just so excited about our sweetpea!

Cravings/ Aversions
I still want Ale-8, fruits, and juice a lot...they're the best!  Cereal is also a GREAT thing for me.  Lately, I've been REEEAALLY wanting a good sandwich, but unfortunately, lunch meat is not allowed...booooo!  I really just want a sandwich from Jimmy Johns!  Grrrr.  I know some people say they still eat lunch meat or still ate it when they were pregnant, but I AM too nervous about eating it.  I'm not all that worried about my caffeine intake because I know I have farrrrr less than the recommended exceeding dosage, but I AM concerned that I will be THAT person that gets the strange and funky thingy from lunch meat.  I mean, for those of you who know me, know that some strange things happen to me and basically any random sickness or incident typically happens to me.  Random, yes, I know.  Anyway, to satisfy my sandwich craving, I've been indulging in PB&Js...which are sooooooo good!  I love the "Uncrustables"!  I was at a training today at another school (a middle school) and they give you TWO...but if anyone asks, I just had one.  K?

I cannot wait until I can feel the sweet kicks and movements of our precious peanut, but he/she is growing rapidly in my belly!  He/she is about the size of a grape this week and the hands and feet look a lot less like paddles and have more formed fingers and toes.  These changes have given Baby a more human shape.  Baby's head is still larger than the rest of its body and the eyes are fully developed, but are covered by the eyelids which are fused shut for the next 16 weeks or so.  Inside baby's body, the internal reproductive organs, testes or ovaries, are starting to form but will not be quite distinguishable until the next couple of weeks.

Hope you're having a GREAT week!
B, Abby, and little Peanut

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2nd ULTRASOUND and UK v.s UofL

You may be thinking, a second ultrasound...already?!?  Well, it is because we had an....ummmm....incident?  I guess you could say on Thursday at school.  I had a student (not one of mine...not even a 4th grader) give us a scare so my doctor thought it would be wise to come in and check on BabyT to ensure all was still well and wonderful.  Thankfully, it was and BabyT is growing by the day...which was even more apparent by the oh so very changed ultrasound pics!!  It is CRAZY how just one week made such a tremendous difference!  My uterus is so much bigger, you can see distinct features on baby...even its heartrate was so, so, very much stronger (but maybe that was from all the excitement?!?).  Anyway, here are the NEW pics of our little sweetie:
I LOVE how in this one, you can see its tiny little features (head, glowing eyes, arms and legs folded in front...etc.)!  So exciting!

this shows Baby from the rump up...but you can see the umbilical cord attached!

this is Baby from the side...look how big his/her head is!!!  I think it looks like a little sea monkey here...but it is OUR sea monkey...and the cutest one I have ever seen!!

this is Baby T's tiny, tiny spine (it's a view from the back where you can see the back of the head, arms out to the side and going towards the front, and its tiny legs!)
I know this may be gross to say, but seriously, look at the change in size from last week to this week in my is CRAZY to think about all of these amazing changes going on inside of me...and just in ONE week's time!  We were really upset and scared about the events that transpired on Thursday, BUT I have to admit, I'm incredibly thankful because look at what I got from the experience...these AMAZING shots of little peanut, that I would not have had otherwise!

NOW...onto the UK vs. UofL game...
UGH.  Foul.  What in the world?!?  Honestly, we could have a losing season, but the only loss that REALLY affects me?  Losing to Louisville.  WOW.  What an incredibly terrible game.  I swear to you, this little peanut would be a better quarterback than Newton was last night.  What in the world is going on with UK's football program?  We just simply could. not. get. it. together.  UGH.

However, we DID have a great time tailgating prior to the game!  It is always SO nice getting to see all of our friends from around the area...especially all of the ones that live in Louisville and we don't get to see that often (these were all UK fans..don't you worry!).  I struggled a bit because yes, this was my very first sober tailgate...ever.  Yes...EVER. (Sad to say, yes I know!  Maybe even a bit eye-opening too...I guess you could say?) Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the reason why I am not indulging and am more than happy to do so, it was just a different experience for me.  I really enjoyed leaving the game last night and still feeling like headache, no dizziness, none of the other stereotypical feelings of was nice.  B of course loves having a DD.  Not that he was anywhere near drunk, but it was nice to have "his baby mama" driving HIM around for a change.  Everyone that was at the game was just so supportive and so excited for us.  Everywhere we went, we were met with TONS and TONS of questions about Baby T and how we are feeling and what not.  It was super sweet and is awesome to be surrounded by so much love and support! So... Pat, LB, David and Sober Steph (the Blacks - the newlyweds!), Ben and Laura (the Winces - other newlyweds!), John, Kelly, Alice, Aaron and Elizabeth (the Smithers - MORE newlyweds!), Kody, Wesley, Christie and Jason, Taryn, and was DELIGHTFUL seeing you all!  Thank you for being well...YOU!  We love each of you!  There are so many, many people I left out that we did not get to spend time with and would have loved to because we quite simply, ran out of time and the game was starting!

Anyway, stay tuned for our 9 week update, coming soon!
B, Abs, and Baby T
We LOVE UK tailgating!!!

This was the AWESOME cake at one of the tailgates we were at...isn't it WAY cool?!?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Announcement photos

So B and I wanted to have a cute way to ANNOUNCE to the world that we are pregnant, but of course, I spilled the beans before I could upload them...and then, not everyone would see them, ya know?  

Anyway, we staged some pictures in the photo booth at Lucy and Shane's wedding this past weekend and we plan to have a few in the nursery, as well as some on our Christmas card this year.  Thus, here they are for your viewing pleasure!  Which one is your favorite?!?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our FIRST Ultrasound

We had our very first ultrasound last Thursday when I was just over 7 weeks.  Since we were in Lucy and Shane's wedding this past weekend, Brad already had Friday off and the other manager had Thursday off so he could not come :(

My wonderful mother came with me, though, and I was so glad she was there to be a part of such a precious moment.  I cannot describe the amazing feeling of seeing our baby's heartbeat on the monitor.  It was truly, the most magical moment of my life and I cannot imagine anything to top it.  He/she's heartbeat was 129 and the doctor said all looks well!  Our baby is right on track to come around the 23rd of April!  YAY!!!
Here is little Baby T on his/her very first picture!
(Sorry it is such poor quality, our scanner is down and this is the pic I snapped in the doctor's office to send to some  loved ones :)
How I'm feeling...
I get my 'morning sickness' at night...not so sure why they call it that since I have the night sickies, but anyway, I'm actually happy that that's when it happens if it's going to happen at all because I can be at home and lay down to deal with it, instead of attempting to conquer it in front of 23+ 9 and 10 year olds.  I usually take a phenergan or a Zofran and go to sleep, waking up feeling MUCH better than the night before.
I'm also incredibly tired ALL. THE. TIME.  I literally 'conk' out around 9 - 9:30ish.  Lastly, I have extreme (and I mean it brings me to tears) pain in my chest...apparently, that is all too normal as well.  I just feel like maybe since I am...ahem...blessed?  in that vicinity that maybe I'm not so blessed with the pain at this moment?  Ahhh, nature.

I do not know what it is (well actually I do), but even though I feel like a zombie and some days could vomit at the mention of certain types of foods, I am always in such a great mood!  With news like this, how could I not be?  It brings tears to my eyes every time I picture the reward at the end of this journey (which is about every second).  B has always been my best friend, but I feel all that much closer to him now that we have this incredible bond between us and we have just had a 'giddyness' all the time.  He is such a great protector.  He watched over my every action, cramp, feeling, or move and supports me through it all...I know he just wants to be there for me every step of the way.  He's even gone out to get me ginger ale or Ale-8 at midnight when that's about all my nausea will allow me to think sounds good.  B is going to be the best. father. ever.

Cravings/ Aversions
Not really any cravings yet EXCEPT Ale-8 or juice and FRUIT.  In addition to cereals, baked potatoes, and oatmeal, fruit is what I always want to eat...especially grapes.  And I am always wanting to drink juice!
Something I really want absolutely NO part of is meat...which I typically love. More specifically red meat like steak, ground beef, hamburgers, etc.   I typically more than love red meat. BUT...even the thought of it now is giving me a tingle in the back of my throat...ugh!  The only meat you will get down me is a boneless chicken wing, chicken nuggets, or popcorn chicken.  For some reason, I have been frequenting the Wal-Mart chicken area quite a bit because that's what always sounds best.

Obviously, I cannot feel Baby T yet, but he/she is constantly moving and shifting!  He/she is about the size of a kidney bean this week and webbed fingers and toes are poking out from his/her hands and feet.  Eyelids practically cover Baby T's eyes, breathing tubes extend from the throat to branches of the developing lungs, and in his/her brain, nerve cells are connecting with one another, forming primitive neural pathways.

Telling friends and family...

You may be wondering, how did we tell?!?  Those of you that know me, know that I have a hard time keeping secrets and when I know something, I'm not the best at hiding it or lying...especially when I'm so excited about it!  I mean, this REEEEAAAALLY felt like it would NEVER happen!

My parents' anniversary is August 18th.  We found out we are expecting on August 14th so it was perfect to tie in the two!  Yes, my parents already have two grandchildren, but they are raising them in their house.  Thus, this has been something we've all longed for: a grandchild they will not have to raise, but will be like an actual grandchild instead of a "child" of their own.  I really could hardly wait 4 days to tell them!
So, I did not.  I made it to the 17th and then told B that I couldn't wait any longer and this was the perfect time to tell them.  Bob and Suz were heading out to dinner that night since they had soccer activities on their actual anniversary with Shawn.  I told them that they should stop by our house on their way to dinner because B and I had a present for them.  When they arrived, it was hard to contain our excitement, but I handed them a card with a sweet poem inside and the last lines said:

I'm your gift but I'll be a bit late,
8 months to be exact, April's my due date.

Mom immediately started jumping up and down and Dad of course, had the inevitable tears.  We all just danced with excitement and it was incredible :)

Since Brad's parents do not live near us and we knew we would not be able to get a "surprise" visit to Indy in order (we haven't had ONE free weekend since APRIL...yes, APRIL), we arranged a little "Skype" session. We Skype with B's sister's family quite a bit, but not with his parents as much so we really had to get creative on the reason WHY we wanted to Skype (without giving it away), so we told them we had a new webcam we wanted to try out.  Once on, we told them we had something they needed to check out and showed them a note from Baby T that said, "Hi Mamaw and Papaw, I can't wait to meet you next Spring!  Love, your new Grandbaby".  Both immediately were beyond thrilled and we had a great time sharing our excitement!

Abby's BROTHER, Zach and Brad's SISTER, Christi, and her family: Joe, Spencer, and Jillian:
Zach ("Bub") lives in China so telling him was either over the phone or on Skype.  I did not want to just tell him over the phone, but we kept missing each other and it's hard to get on schedule with him since he is 12 hours ahead of us AND the Chinese government has such a block on many websites and forms of communication we use so frequently.  Finally, as I was driving home from a wedding shower for our friends, Lucy and Shane, he called.  I answered the phone, "Hi Uncle Roo!" which is what Cathryn and Shawn (our niece and nephew) call him, to which he replied, "Hi, Aunt B!".  I then asked him if he heard me correctly and then he said, "wait, what?  Are you pregnant?!?" and I happily replied, "YESSSSSS!!!".  We Skyped for a few hours after that!

We also told Brad's sister, Christi, her husband Joe, and their two kids Spencer and Jillian over Skype as well with a note similar to the one we had for B's parents.  We are so excited that Christi and Joe will finally have a niece or nephew and Spencer and Jillian will have a little cousin!

Cathryn may be our niece (my sister's child), but she is more like a little sister to me.  She absolutely has my heart...there is nothing I would not do for her, and sharing in this joy is something we've longed to experience together because we know that my children will be more like HER niece or nephew.  Thus, I could not wait to tell her, so I headed to my mom and dad's house early one morning when I knew she'd still be in bed.  I made a sign that said, "GOOD MORNING, AUNT PRISS!" and set it on the pillow next to one she was laying on (Prissy or "Priss" is my name for her).  She rolled over, saw the sign, and then rolled back over to which I said, "hey, did you even READ the sign?!?"  Of course she then read it and took in what it said, and excitedly exclaimed, "wait, are you pregnant?!?"  I shook my head yes and we screamed and cheered together.  It was the most perfect moment and I will never forget it.  It was special.  It was genuine.  It was perfect.

My best friend, Beth and her husband Kody were the absolute first people we told.  It just happened and I couldn't keep it in.  Monday, the 15th (yes, the day after we found out), B and I were heading to the UK Pros vs. the Dominican Republic Nationals basketball game at Rupp and we were meeting up with them first. As soon as I saw them, I just let it out, "You're going to be an aunt and uncle!!!"  They just looked at me rather funny like, "duh, we know" because Beth had just told me on the phone about her sister expecting as well.  I then sensed they did not get what I was saying so I said, "I'M PREGNANT TOO!".  Thus, the cat was out of the bag and not in the way in which I always thought I'd tell her!  I have always seen myself preparing something very cute and special, but I just couldn't keep a secret from them!!
College Friends:
My BFF and former roommate from college, Katie, is getting married.  Her bachelorette party had been planned for months and months to be on August 27th and I was so excited about going!!!  However, that was 2 weeks after we found out and nausea and extreme fatigue hit me with the "hotness" and I knew I would not be able to make it.  Also, I knew I'd be keeping this HUMUNGO secret and it would be super tough...not to mention, I'd seem like a party-pooper and would have to keep explaining that I wasn't feeling well to everyone since I obviously would not be my typical "full-throttle" big partying self.  I also certainly DID NOT want anything to be focused on me because it was Katie's time (not mine) so I made the gut-wrenching decision to not go.  I was just going to tell them that I'd been feeling lousy, but I knew that this would be 'no dice' and these girls would see right through me.  Katie saw through me before I could even tell her and sent me a message asking why I wasn't going.  I knew then, I HAD to tell I called her and it went GREAT!  I HATED missing her special time though!  The other girls soon noticed I was not going either so I also let my friends, Lo, Beef, and Leenie know!
Old friends:
Lucy just got married this past weekend (9.10.11) and B and I were both in the wedding.  I KNEW I could NOT keep a secret from Lucy, much less pass off not participating in all of the "spirits" throughout the wedding weekend, so I also made her a card with a poem inside, tell her that I was her early birthday present, that would be a bit late.  She said, she already knew...she just had a feeling!  Crazy, huh?!?

Brad told a few close friends as well and all were incredibly happy for us.  We just feel so thrilled that so many of you are sharing in our joy with us!  We know Baby T is going to be incredibly blessed to have everyone in his/her lives and Brad and I are so fortunate to call you our loved ones!!!  Thank you everyone for being YOU!  WE LOVE YOU!!!


We found out August 14, 2011 that we will be expecting a new addition!  It was a Sunday after two of our close friends' wedding in Bowling Green so we were kind of recovering from the night.  At the reception, several of my sorority sisters and I were discussing pregnancy, them knowing that B and I have been "trying' for over a year.  I made a comment to them, "well, who knows, we could be pregnant now, but I'm not getting my hopes up!" and then didn't think much about it.

The next day, however, I WAS thinking about that comment.  For some reason, it just kept ringing in my ear.  It was early to test, but I thought, "I'll just check anyway".  Well, being the absent-minded individual I tend to be, I forgot about the test...bahahahaha!  Much to my surprise when I went back into the bathroom, there sat the affirming two lines!  Immediately, my heart lept into my chest...surely this HAS to be wrong!!  I mean, B and I were heading to my OB-GYN THAT WEEK to discuss fertility...God surely works in AMAZING ways because 3 tests later (yes, I am THAT girl...even knowing that false positives do not happen), here we are, ready to announce that YES, we ARE expecting!!!