Friday, May 31, 2013

Just gonna throw this out there...

Okay, so I've been thinking about this for awhile.  Well, a looonnnng while.  I've had this idea that I've been mulling over and pondering and just not sure where to start or how even to begin and well, you people...yes you...are to blame.  Welllllll...kinda sorta.  Really, it's myself to blame.  You see, I've been thinking of diving into the world of party planning.  I absolutely LOVE it and have been told by a few or four + that I have a knack for it...

However, many questions arise...

Where do I go?  How do I begin?  Is this even a good idea?  How do I get it going?  You see, this idea was brought to my attention after planning B's 30th birthday and Jack's 1st birthday parties.  Would people actually pay me to plan their parties? Kind of like a wedding planning, but for parties?  In all seriousness, I would absolutely LOVE to...I just have NO clue as to how to get started with this or get my name out there so people know that I am available for their services.

Not only can I plan the festivities, I have creative abilities that allow for ideas and visions to run a muck into a grand scheme of your envisioning and beyond.  Well, at least that's what I've been told.

What I'm doing here is looking for input from my blog readers.  What are your suggestions, advice, and honest opinions?  I have tough skin and if you do not think this is in the cards for me, then say so!  If you are thinking you'd like me to plan or create projects for an upcoming party for you, please let me know as I'm be more than happy to indulge your vision or help you create a unique experience that you can be proud of :)  Please contact me at: today!

B's 30th Birthday party (vintage baseball themed)
Since my lovey is quite the baseball enthusiast/ player extraordinaire, I made his party theme vintage baseball.  Everything was about baseball and foods/ treats at an old time baseball stadium.  We even had an old fashioned popcorn machine that made quite delicious batches of the snack!  It was fun shopping for all things baseball!  I was at Big Lots, Party City, and GFS so much that week, I'm embarrassed to admit the actual number of times of visits.  Side note, their hotdogs are AMAZE-BALLS.  Real talk.

I had so much fun planning the event and was glad that everyone enjoyed themselves!
We had:
**soft pretzels
**cotton candy
**peanuts in shells
**sunflower seeds
**Cracker Jacks
**Big League Chew
**old-fashioned fruit slices candy
**peppermint sticks
**chocolate covered marshmallows (I dipped them in white chocolate since B doesn't much care for regular and then used red cookie icing to make them look like baseballs)
**suckers with B's picture on them



Jack's 1st Birthday party (Very Hungry Caterpillar themed)

Cake by Rebecca Maupin

"I am one" caterpillar made by me; canvases in background with pictures made by me; Caterpillar cake and caterpillar smash cake by Rebecca Maupin (see and "like" her page on Desserts by Rebecca on FB)
party favor station - champagne and wine wrapped in burlap by me; cookies custom ordered with personalized labels designed and added by me

Other creations I've made or designed for varying reasons/ occasions:
wedding chair hang or for holding for Thank you Cards/ pictures

graduation hat for Priss
Birth announcement sign
Name sign for room

front door hang

paisley sign and monograms
door hang for nurse
custom painted owl pumpkin for fall
painted fan blades to match room

whale painting for baby's nursery

door hang for baby nursery

from top to bottom, I designed Jack's nursery :)
made this for our breakfast area

created and painted to go with a sign for a groom's cake at the table
sanded, painted, and refinished Jack's dresser/ changer by hand

applied same vintage refinish to windows and letters and hung these above Jack's crib

painted for Jack's nursery
Christmas decorating for me and others...