Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Lurky, everybody smirky!

Here are a few (um okay...a bunch.  Hi, I'm Abby and I'm a photo-aholic) fun photos I've snapped from my phone of our little buddy over the past two days during his first ever Thanksgiving and the coinciding festivities.  I'll be back in a bit with a full recount of his experience and TONS of photos (from my actual camera) including the whole fam (since these were snapped from my phone, most are of him or of he and I). He's had a blast and so has the has truly been a wonderful holiday spent with loved ones from BOTH sides of Jackman's family, so stay tuned for the upcoming synopsis.  In the meantime, enjoy some photos of our little Turkey Lurky and a little sneak peak (through photos) of our Thanksgiving 2012...

Friday, November 16, 2012

time to tell...

What I'M thankful for...

Heyyyy yoooooo, it's Tootie Toots here!  (The Jackman, duh).  Bet y'all didn't know I could type?  Yeah, it's one of my finer talents, among other things, but that's neither here nor there and I'm not here to tootie toot my own horn...I'm here to acknowledge the awesomeness of other things.
I made my Mommy get up on her computer piece and do some typage for me so I could let you fine, fancy folks know that I am one thankful little dude.  I mean, you gotta give credit where credit is due.  Ya know?!?  It's importante!  Or so they tell me. I just soak it all in over here...they tell me my mind is like a sponge at this point...whatever THAT means.  On the same tune, everybody is getting all deeeeeep and whatnot up on their facebooks and stuff about what they're thankful for, and me, well, I'm just grateful to have a clean booty every other hour or so...that's no laughin' matter y'all...a clean booty is no joke. You try hollerin' at some colorful little big ol' bowed, ruffle butted cutie (coincidentally, I LOVE those...they really get me jib jabberin if ya know what I mean) with a doody booty, stank up in ya drawers...she'd be on a different dude like a fly on a diaper pail.  Your game is then whack.   Real talk.  Yeah, I listen when my Daddy talks.  He's a smart man.  I'm really thankful for him.  And I guess Mommy too.  Ha!  Just kiddin' Mommy.  I'm reeeeeeally thankful for you, so let's get this gratitude gandering going...because well, I really do have A LOT to be thankful for...

See?  Not only do we look alike, we dress alike.
1) My Daddy.  He is the bomb dot com, yo!  He is so fun, so cool, and just the best ever.  He does so much for me and even drives me to Winchester every. single. morning so I have somewhere to stay while he and Mommy are at work.  He plays with me, growls at me, rolls around with me, takes me to do "man chores" and "guy stuff", builds things for me, holds my arms down while mommy squeegees my nose, carts me around, among many, many other things.  Plus, I'm his's crazy.  Bottom line, he rocks.  'nuf said.

2) All my toys.  Holy cow, do I have a lot or what?!?  I have a jumper, an exersaucer, a walker, a stand n' play, an activity gym, an activity chair, tons of books, and don't get me started on all the hand held toys and stuffed animals.  It's like playland up in here all day every day.  Real talk.  I'm a lucky kiddo!

3) Remote controls.  Have you seen them?  Yeah, I love them.  They single-handily encouraged my crawling.  I need them.  I want them.  They. will. be. mine.
this is the exact remote that my silly parents try to keep out of my reach.  Stinkers, what are they thinking?

Boudreaux's Paste Diaper Rash Cream - 16 oz 4) Mirrors.  There is ALWAYS some CcRrAaZzYy good lookin' baby boy in them.  I don't know who he is, but daaaaaaang, he sure is sensational!  I just love staring at and talking with him.

5) Two words: Butt. Paste.  It keeps my booty rash free and well, that's just delightful.  In fact, I should probably knock on wood here, but I've never had one of those rash things.  Yup, rash free.  Need I say more?

6) Gripe Water.  I used to get hiccups all. the. time.  I still get them every now and again and lemme tell ya, Gripe Water is the ish, yo!  And you can't just get any Gripe Water, you have to get "Mommy's Bliss".  As a tried and true Gripe Water consumer, I can assure you, "Mommy's Bliss" is bliss.

7)  Infants' Simethicone Drops.  These reeeeeally help me when I have gas and when my tummy is upset.  I used to get them all the time when I was a baby and they really helped me feel better.  My Mommy and Daddy didn't spend $12 each time to the store for some tiny bottle, though...they bought this plain and simple brand that our pharmacist ordered and kept behind the counter just for me.  Can you believe that?  She rocks and so does this stuff.  And it was only like $3.  I don't know how to do math yet or much about money, but I'd say that's a BIG, humungo difference.

8) Being able to sleep on my tummy.  So many people told my mommy and daddy to not let me do this, but I sure HATED sleeping on my back.  They got brave and started letting me sleep fully on my tummy when I was 5 weeks old and I've been sleeping sensationally since.  I even started sleeping all the way through the night a few weeks after that and haven't had any issues since. Well, except, I move A LOT in my sleep and sometimes, I roll over on my back and am too lazy to figure out how to get back to my tummy - it's then that I make my mommy get up at any hour of the night and roll me back over and then guess what?  I go back to sleep.  I'm a stinker, BUT,  I LOVE night-night bed is so comfy and so is sleeping on my tummy!

9) That my Mommy is addicted to Etsy.  Daddy? Not so much in the thankful department of this as he says Mommy spends too much money... But I mean, have you seen all of the amazing personalized outfits I wear?  My Mommy orders them from there and I get lots of compliments.  I'm thankful that I have something unique to wear to show my individualized style and personality.  Daddy appreciates that and likes how good I look, he'd just never admit that to Mommy because he couldn't give her the satisfaction.  Regardless, being fashionable is just a small part of being the Jackman.  Write that down.
10) My Mamaw and Papaw.  They are my Daddy's parents and they are so. much. fun.  I just love when they come to stay with me or I get to go stay with them.  I wish I could see them more, because they are so sweet and so loving, but we try to see them as much as possible. I miss my Mamaw so much, that I send her picture texts every day so she can watch me grow.  She and Papaw are the best!
11) My Nanny and Poppy.  I get to see my Nanny and Poppy every single day and for that, I am very grateful!  My Mommy always talks about how close she was to her mommy's parents because she stayed with them while her mommy and daddy were at work and now I get to do that too with them.  I love it!  My Poppy is so much fun and doesn't act as old as my Mommy always says he is (shhhh...don't tell him that!) and my NanNan is absolutely sensational...I am most definitely her boy and she takes such good care of me!  I am CRAZY about her and love getting to spend every weekday by her side!  We are quite the pair!
My NanNan and me!
I get to call him, "BigBob" since my middle name is Robert and well, I'm "Little Bob"
12) Tummy burbles.  They make me laugh.

13) My feet.  They're yummmmmmy.

14) The ability to speak.  I have so much to say and well, you need to hear it.

15) What an absolutely remarkable tushy I have.  It's probably the cutest in the world.  My Mommy and Daddy call it my booty...or at bathtime, "HERE COMES THE TUSHYBUTT!" and I giggle, giggle, giggle!

16) The outdoors.  I love, love, looooooooove being outside.  I love everything about it and I am so, so thankful for it!

17) The Baby Bullet Magic Bullet.  My Mommy makes me such delicious dishes and I am so thankful she does and she has the machine to do it!
18) My right thumb.  I suck it all the time.  Literally.  People tell my mommy and daddy that I'm a "self-soother", whatever that means.  I'm just glad that I have it because whenever I'm upset, whenever I'm tired, whenever I'm's there for me.

19) Medicines to make me feel better.  I just had an ear infection.  My doctor gave me some medicine that tasted like bubblegum and soon, my ear felt so much better.  Now, I have a cold and my nose is so, so stuffed up...I can barely breathe...especially with my thumb in my mouth.  No bueno!  Well, my mommy and daddy give me all this stuff that helps me breathe and feel better.  They rub this salve on my chest, use the sucker (which I hate, but I'm still thankful it clears my nose), shoot saline drops up each nostril, and give me some ibuprofen and/ or acetaminophen and a teensy bit of Triaminic and then I can sleep and it helps clear my nose.

20) a climate controlled room.  My Daddy just sets the temp accordingly to how cold it is outside (if it's colder outside, he'll make it even warmer in my room for me) on my very own climate controlled heater.  It's awesome and I'm thankful for it!

21) My nighttime music.  I love sleeping to it and my parents make sure I have an appreciation for the good stuff.  Is there anything better?
22) My Prissy.  She takes such good care of me and is so, so sweet.  She is always so loving, so caring, so nurturing, and so wonderful to be around.   And, she looks like my Mommy too which is pretty cool!  I just love her and am so grateful to have her in my life!

23) my Moo-cow humidifier: it helps me breathe better, yo!

24) My cousins.  I have Spencer and JilliBean and my Shawnee.  They are all so much fun and want to spend so much time with me and play with me, which of course, I L-O-V-E!  I am so thankful to have such awesome and loving cousins that are so special!

24) The Blanks...and all their fam.  Especially this fun, fancy, fabulous lady shown in the pic.  She is sensational and has helped my mommy with learning so much about motherhood and has kept her sane and me alive.  Well, because my mommy would worry herself to death or would have me sleeping upside down on my head.  Amy Blank truly is our angel.  She has taken such good care of my mommy and of me and has helped us in more ways than I can count.  She loves me like her own child and her daughters want to hold me all the time.  Her husband isn't half bad himself and don't get me started on how much I love HER mommy too!  I am thankful for that entire family!

25) Aunt Beth and Uncle Kody.  They are so much fun and my Mommy an Daddy love them so much.  I get to see them weekly for "family dinners" and well, I just adore them!  They are the best and always A BLAST!!!

26) ALLLLL the rest of my family.  I have so many people in my family and they are truly wonderful and so loving to me. This especially includes my Aunt Sis and Uncle Joe who are so, so much fun and iiiiii love when we get to visit (especially face-timing as much as possible!) and Uncle Roo and Aunt Amanda.  Uncle Roo sends me cool postcards and I have to say, out of the two of them, he IS my most exotic uncle!

27) The Poileses. Aunt Christie and Uncle Jase had my BFF, Holden 6 weeks after I was born, but before then, they were just as awesome!  Daddy and Uncle Jase trade Daddy stories and Mommy and Aunt Christie get to visit and have a blast.  I am thankful they are in our lives.  Just wish they weren't moving to the 'ville...

and finally.... (I saved the best for last because well, she rocks...and because she typed this for me too).

I am soooooo thankful for...
27) My mommy. Isn't she something?  Probably the best in the world.  She's my girl.  And I mean it.  There's many reasons why I'm so very thankful for her.
  • She carted my beautiful, but bitty boxing booty in her belly for what 9 months or so?  And you know what?  I was so excited to come out and meet my Daddy and the rest of my family that I made her blood pressure go up a yes, I'm very thankful for my Mommy.  
  • Then, she fed me herself for 6 1/2 months and we really have a special bond because of it.
  • She makes me so, so stylish!  Not to brag, but she puts together some awesome ensembles :)
  • She makes my food (fruits, veggies, etc.) HERSELF!  and Yummy!
  • She's sooooooo silly and when I talk jibberish, she talks jibberish with me.   It's really funny.
  • she's so fun!
  • She's so loving!  I can always fall asleep on her, be soothed by her, and feel endlessly safe in her arms!

Bottom line.  I am a Thankful Thomasman.  I am grateful for so much in my life and in my short 7  1/2 months, I have lived lucky and I have lived blessed.  Happy Thanksgiving, all.  Oh, I guess I should let you know I'm thankful for you too, because my mommy says it's not only important to say so, but to have manners too.