Saturday, October 20, 2012


Yes friends, I have declared this, the month of Jack...a "Jack"tober, if you will.  Why... You may ask?  Well, this little buddy has had QUITE the busy month INDEED and it's just a little past half over! Oh goodness, I can't fathom what might be in store for us over the next 11 days!

In the weeks since October began, our little Jack o'lantern has...

1) uttered his first words ("Da-Da" and "Ba-Ba" and now?!?  "MOMMA!!!" "Momma", of course, only comes when he is in distress)
Jack: "Da-da, Da-da, Da-da, DAAA-DAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"
(giggles to himself...repeat.)

2) mastered the art of sitting up 

3) visited his first pumpkin patch and his second...

4) started semi-CRAWLING (ahhhh!  Well, he does more of a pop, drop, and scoot --> pops up on all 4s, drops his shoulders, and scoots up to an object or to where he wants to go.  He can get clear across a room this way...real talk).

5) had his 6-month pictures (CAN. NOT. WAIT. to see them all and show them all off!)

copyright, Mary Maldonado Photography

copyright, Mary Maldonado Photography

6) gone for a walk or been outside to hang out in some capacity every. single. day (his personal favorite)

that is his owl baby.  To say he LOVES it, is a significant understatement. 

7) discovered the camera on his monitor and goes into FULL attack mode 

8) gotten his first "stand and play" toy
that's the top of the stand and play toy - Mommy's been wallowing in the teeth pity party instead of sitting up behind him as he plays.  I know, I'm pathetic.
9) had a full week off with Mommy for fall break 

10) gotten to ride in the front of a shopping cart WITHOUT needing his car seat (love, love, love - life is MUCH easier now, yo!)

11) gotten his very first package in the mail (Colts slippers from his Mamaw and Papaw)

12) gotten to wear oh so very cute fall outfits (LOVE)
there's plenty more, but you'll be seeing them with added pics throughout this season :)

13) started getting into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. (welcome to babyhood, yes?!?)

 I made this for a school bulletin board and well...he ain't scurred...he went right for her...

14) started a bit of a debate with the naps (absolutely no fits or tantrums, he just simply plays around in his crib and then doesn't sleep too long when he finally falls asleep - it's like he thinks he has too much to do or something...while it can be frustrating, it's kind of funny, actually because he just seems to be going by his own agenda).

15) developed a dislike for baths (um yup, not loving this one -- HELP!)

some more pics of the Jack o'lantern DOMINATING October...excuse me, JACKtober...