Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day"

Yes, did you know that today, March 20th, is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" day?!!!!?  Neato!  Well, for this nerdy schoolteacher it is.
we LOVE you Eric Carle, and your BEAUTIFUL books!

And well, that just so happens to be the theme of one Mr. Jack Thomas's 1st birthday party coming up here in 2 weeks because our little caterpillar is very, VERY hungry indeed.  Thus, in light of this special day, (and since many people have been asking what all I'm doing), I thought I'd share some of the things that are part of Jackbaby's party.  I mean, in all actuality, what IS the point of keeping it a secret?  Come on...Seriously?  I'm not holding codes to missiles or anything here, it's a kid's birthday - furthermore, it's a kid's FIRST BIRTHDAY party; it's not rocket science and I'm not holding a special pass to the pentagon with top level clearance of government secrets...I think I can share what I've been working on and/ or what people can expect to see in some capacity at Jackman's party.  Copy if you want or if you will.  Who cares?!?  I don't!  To you people who actually guard this info about your child's party in the way that you do, do you really feel this way about yourself?  You really feel that it's this important to keep it a secret?!?  I mean, for those of you reading out there, do you REALLY care and/ or are just dying to know to leak it to the tabloids and/ or copy it?  If you are, more power to ya, knock yourself out...I do not see myself as THAT important and needing to HIDE the details of MY child's birthday party until the actual day.  Lame.  Really lame, actually.  And kind of pathetic and narcissistic if you ask me.  You really think it's THAT big of a deal to show people what they may or may not see at your kid's party?   I'm really happy for you that your parents built you up THAT much to make YOU think that everyone wants to be just like you, but us normal folks over here are just trying to make a special day for our kid.  I'm HAPPY to share ideas so others do not have to stress or feel like they are inferior to your crazy parties.  Matter of fact, I'd absolutely love nothing more than to give my ideas to someone or even all of my supplies and stuff or help them plan their kid's party and it could be a carbon copy of mine because...who cares?!?  The kids won't know!  As long as they have a blast and it's something special to them, that is absolutely ALL that matters.  Let's not lose sight of what we're doing and why we're doing it... FOR. OUR. BABES.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now and just share some crafts and stuff I've worked on for Toot's man's 1st birthday party.  Yes, I will grudgingly and shamefully admit, I HAVE indeed gone overboard, I couldn't help myself and I AM not only a shopaholic, but an impulse purchaser as well...AND it's just, I want a special day for MY kid...something that even though he won't remember, he can look back at every momento and know how much love, time, and effort was put into the most special birthday he'll ever have...his very 1st.

part of the main centerpiece - it has all the foods

part of a stand that food will be put on

this will go on the front of his high chair (obviously, I need to cut the laminating)

letters to prop up

back up high chair caterpillar

adult party favors that we're wrapping up with chevron fabric and burlap with a chalkboard label and cute "Thank-you" note from Jack because it means so much to have an adult actually come to a kid's bday party - we are aware that they can be painful, so we'd like to reward those who come :)

personalized water bottles - Hershey bar labels like this too

age progression canvases.  I made everything out of these fabrics (napkins, table runners, covers, etc.).  These will be hanging from chevron ribbon or propped up on stands

we have Hershey bar labels like this too

the top of cookie bags (the cookies are apples with the hungry caterpillar coming out) and are the other party favors

other side of water bottle - we also have Hershey bar labels like this

letters with centerpiece/ food stand

food signs

back up outfit :)

this is for his baby book :)  I LOVE it!

there will be an old fashioned popcorn machine there.  Also, since it's a kid's birthday, there will be regular, chocolate, and strawberry milks and everyone gets their own little jug with a label and paper straw.  Adults will have Kahlua or Baileys to mix in as well.  Then, since the caterpillar ate ice cream, we got old fashioned wrappers for the cones

cute poem :)

I have about 100 more of these (seriously).  I will attach them to Baker's twine with clothespins and use them as decor.  They are so precious.  My kids REALLY wanted to help with decorations and they're so cute, I couldn't resist!

instead of a photo album of loose photos, we made an actual photo book so people can see all of Jack's many, many pictures in one spot like a real book instead of worrying about losing pictures and what not

party outfit!

invite #2

candies in bags will be put in this bowl

invites that were sent out :)

centerpiece - flower is windmill - it's precious!

finished main centerpiece

finished main centerpiece

kid crafts

a poem from one of my hardest to get to kids.  It melted my heart
In addition, we will obviously have all the foods the hungry caterpillar did (strawberries, oranges, pears, lollipops [with Jack's picture], salami, pickles, ice cream, chocolate cake, cupcakes, cheeses, etc) as well as hotdogs and hamburgers.  We also have modeling clay for the kids that are present to try and make the foods he ate or just play with.   Then, we have "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed bowling, puzzles, coloring books, and well as drink stands for other drinks, special lights, other games, adult beverages, a birthday banner, a 3D caterpillar SMASH cake for Jack; a 2-tier cake for adults with the 3D foods on them; Thai wish lantern lights that people will write wishes on and send high in the sky (like they did in the Hangover II); LED light up balloons; a caterpillar digging station (oreos as dirt and gummi worms as the caterpillars and vending machine capsules to put them in to take home once found); various caterpillar books to read and sign for the Jackman; a wish book for Jack; and Hershey bars with wrappers like the water bottles.  It'll be great foods and great fun and I hope fun is had by all!!!!  Come on out and see us!

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