About US

From the moment that I Brad and I met at Western Kentucky University almost 9 years ago, I knew there was something special about him and something special about us; I knew he was "the one". A teacher and a banker, we are crazy about life and crazy about each other - we have so much fun together!  After many, many years of endeavoring life as "just us two", our family is finally getting bigger!  Our little sweet pea is expected to make his or her appearance in the Spring of 2012 and we are so excited to become parents!  

More about Abby-
I am a teacher by day and a vintage, fashion, art, and sun-lover for life!  It is the most perfect job for me as not only do I get to follow in the footsteps of my parents and grandparents (my idols and education superstars), but I get to work with kids every.single.day which is so fulfilling!  They make work not seem like work and are the lights of my life!  And I have to admit, the schedule isn't so bad either! (bahaha - who else gets snow days and summers off?!?). I am a lighthearted, down-to-earth girl and live by dancing to the beat of my own drum.  I'm thankful B puts up with me!
I have two amazingly supportive parents who have shown me how to exist with poise, dignity, strength, and faith.  My niece, Cathryn, is my "little sister", my confidante, my partner-in-crime, my sunshine, and my very best friend.  My nephew, Shawn (Shawnee), is the absolute light of my life!  My big "Bub", Zach is my honest and supportive role-model who shows me what I aspire my faith to be.  I'm so crazy about him!

More about Brad-
Brad ("B", to Abby) works in finance as a branch manager at a bank here in Lexington.  Not a native Kentuckian, he actually became a die-hard UK fan not long after beginning to date me...I mean, can you blame him?!?  We're not ONLY the best choice, we're the RIGHT choice!  He also loves the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Cubs.  B has two AMAZING parents who are lighthearted, fun-loving, and incredibly supportive.  They have instilled in him the values of empathy and compassion for those he loves.  He has one sister, fabulous Christi, married to extraordinary Joe with their 2 sensational children: magnificent and sweet nephew, Spencer, and beautiful, feisty, Jillian. When Brad's not at work, he's golfing, working in our yard, hanging by the pool, going to as many UK, Cubs, or Colts games as possible, and enjoying life!
B and niece, "JilliBean"
B in his "glory days"
B is the BEST uncle!

the story of how we became "us"
I was a freshman at WKU, B a junior.  He was a Phi Delta Theta and I was a Chi Omega.  Having just moved in with a pledge sister who was a little sister of B's fraternity (and good friend of B's), I saw a picture on her side of the dorm room and said, "there's just something about that guy right there...I want to meet him!"  She soon told B my thoughts and he said he shared the same desire to meet me.  We dated for a very short while and nothing really came of it, but we remained friends and I was soon very close to his friends and became a Phi Delt little sister as well.  After a year of being "friends" in a "grey" area, we FINALLY made it official and have been together ever since.  We got engaged on August 4, 2007 (the day before B's birthday) while living in Louisville, and then married on July 26, 2008.  Now living and working in Lexington, we are happy to be back in the land of the "BIG BLUE" and enjoy tailgating and going to games as much as possible!    
Our wedding day - July 26, 2008

after a bit of a frustrating year trying and trying to get here, we are absolutely THRILLED (beyond exuberantly overjoyed, actually!!) to announce that WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!  Being a parent is the main thing B and I have both ever truly known we wanted to be.  We are so excited to see what experiences Baby T is going to bring us!

Our 2-year wedding anniversary beach vacay - Summer 2010

Shawnee and his Aunt B!

"Mrs. Thomas" playing math games with two favorite former students!

The Fenton/ Wince wedding - May 21, 2011

Fenton/ Wince rehearsal dinner - May 20, 2011

Fenton/ Wince wedding - May 21, 2011

Us with B's AMAZING Grandma Jo at the post wedding brunch

Aunt B and Prissy!