Saturday, January 26, 2013

part 2

Remember how last Saturday I wrote THIS POST, about a different approach to a Saturday?  Well, I moved on to have a Super Sunday with my boy too, but then I got to not feeling so great and that has continued throughout this week so I haven't felt much like uploading the pictures I captured.  Tonight, I'm still not feeling well, but this is a nice distraction in my ever-going quest to procrastinate master's class assignments to the very last possible moment.  This act is per usual and true to my typical form in any and everything I do.  Story of my life.  Seriously.  You know what they say about's a lot like...

...wellllllllll, I need not divulge that simile and digress (in hopes of not digging myself a deeper hole - hey, I did just publicly admit to my flaw of procrastinating)....

Anyway, like Saturday, I again followed my boy around all day Sunday and he was more receptive to my insistent camera presence, and would stop and look and pose, but the camera flash would cause him to blink and lose his smile.  I still captured many a pic of my boy in action and/ or looking stellar while doing so...or not.  Ha!  I've also included some of the pics we took of ourselves as he was laying with Mommy while we both wallowing in self-pity (well, he not so much, he just saw Mommy laying on the couch and crawled up and laid with me and loved on me for about 30min straight {sweetheart!}) and Daddy was at a work dinner...

looking a teeeeensy bit mischievous here.  Okay, a lot mischievous.  And that he IS. 

clapper and patty-caker.  Watch out folks, he does it all. the. time.  He's the confidence instant booster as he is generally VERY pleased with everything about you and everything you do.

best. purchase. EVER.  He LOVES this thing.  

what?  I like beets too!

Wardrobe change...someone got a wee bit feisty with lunch that particular Sunday.  Jack was messy too.

it is absolutely AMAZING to me looking at his teeth today compared to 6 days ago. They are fully in now and bare buds here.  Crazy!

this is one of my "good morning" pics from Jack and Daddy this week (they send me some every morning since I do not get to see him before I leave for work). Our child is a puppy. He chews on everything.

I need a separate post entitled, "The many, MANY faces of one Mr. Jack R. Thomas"
  "Feel better, Mommy" love sesh...

He does this ON. HIS. OWN.  Grabs my face and plants big ol' kisses on me.  As he does with many others.  Again, confidence/ love booster as he is NO stranger with the kisses.  My child is quite the little lover!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Super Saturday

Disclaimer: kind of a long post, but I do hope you can sit and stay awhile!  

My Saturday was not anything definitive of what someone would most likely describe as super...well, except me.  I got to watch my child explore, interact, and engage within his surroundings and it truly was super!  Color me corny, color me crazy, hell, you can color me lame... but people, it's the little things that make the world go 'round and family is everything to me...especially my little family.  And truth be told, I am soaking up every bit of these Saturdays before we are pulled in every direction between sports and this, that, the other, and in between once he gets of that age.  As far as life with my babe at his current age goes, I love nothing more than trying to view the world through his eyes...his 9 month old, everything is fresh, new, exciting, delighted, easily captivated, inquisitive, bright blue eyes.  He is literally all over the place and he is seriously hilarious.

I for one thought that this past week was the longest week in the history of calendars and the passing of time; it was like Father Time himself hit the snooze and we "Groundhog dayed-it" for a minimum of 3 days.  On Wednesday, I thought I would no sooner die than make it to Friday.  Thursday?  Well, Thursday wasn't pretty to say the least.  I may or may not have been a maniacal lady roaming the halls in the form of a crazy teacher monster spewing incoherent musings and gripings to my poor 8 year olds.  I seriously contemplated checking into seeing if that movie (Groundhog Day) was based on true events (okay, I lied...I did's not...which did NOT help my cause; insanity further ensued.).  Thus, I told B around then, that once the weekend hit, I would be doing nothing but delighting in the world of almost toddlerisms.  I am not ashamed to say that I absolutely could not wait to do 100% of nothing but immerse myself in my child's world and in just the 12 short hours of our Saturday, I have learned all that much more about my son.  Not that I don't spend every waking minute with him every evening after school and on every weekend as it is, but this weekend, I wanted to see the world from a different perspective.  His, while enjoying every bit of his exuberant nature even moreso than I typically do.  

Now, I am cognizant that many of the defining characteristics I'm about to elaborate upon paint a picture of a stereotypical baby of his age, but it is just so fascinating watching the world through a child's eyes.  The innocence is entrancing in itself, but also to him, everything is so big and captivating and shiny and new and he just mesmerizing to say the least.  I have learned that he is an explorer at heart; Lewis and Clark would be proud.  He is into determining the cause and effect over everything; George Washington Carver and him could be brobies.  Jack has quite the advanced level of perseverance for a child of his age; he is literally the little engine that could, would, should, and well, does; he WILL figure out a workable solution for him in most of any given situations, which in many cases, is quite funny.  I learned that he knows how to work an individual to get what he wants, and can work a room for entertainment purposes; he is without question, cognizant of his audience.  Jack is a little lover and most definitely loves the main players in his life; heartwarmingly enough, he's crazy about his Mommy. Love.  He is also a creature of habit and a creature of routine.  He likes to head to the same toys and/ or simply do the same thing with the same toys each time he plays with them and especially so when he has a lull in playtime for a nap or sustenance.  Furthermore, I have always known that his mind is a sponge and he is literally absorbing every bit of his environment which is not limited to the contents of conversations, sounds, information, music, and everything in between into his growing and transgressing mind, but it's interesting to see that come into play and watch those things unfold.  Case in point: he mimics much of what he sees around him: clapping, high-fiving, noises, fake coughing, burping, babbling, speaking, responding to his name, responding to situations, laughing when appropriate, etc.  I could go on for days about my observations, but I'll spare you all the details.  You're welcome.  

With all that said, I'm so glad I have not 1, but 2 more days to spend with my little family, more specifically, my delightfully magnificent little man (thank you, Dr. King).  Now, you typically see me post happy, smiley pics of said little babe, but today, I was his personal paparazzi; it was like I was a photographer for National Geographic on safari and am now presenting the film findings of my special animal in the wild his personal element.  Not too many are posey-posey, stereotypical smiley Jack, but all are me trying to capture the world through his eyes.  Trust me, he was more than aware of my camera presence and was more than annoyed. He was bobbing and weaving, ducking, and dodging like a champ.  Because of that...well, and my piss poor ability to stay on the ball and capture the moment, I don't think I did the best job and Nat Geo won't be calling me in anytime soon for a special project.  BUT, these pics still give a valiant effort at documenting a great little Saturday I had with my babe... a SUPER Saturday, if you will. 

We were looking at the "Jackman" in my phone and giggling at our faces, when he grabbed mine and planted a big smooch on his Mommy (completely unprovoked, I might add!)  I melt.   


Apparently, someone noticed Mommy's new Market Tote and since the gate to the kitchen was blocking him, he thought he saw an opening through the barstool and went for it.  He got stuck of course, but he did reach his goal and get to the tote AND he worked his way back out of being stuck.  Smart boy :)

Mommy, may I PLEASE have another "Puff"?!?  See?  Working his audience...
"Thaaaaaaank you, Mommy!"
Following the food trail.  If anyone is eating near him, he is like a freaking vulture.  We call him our little buzzard, because he lurks around the food, waiting for his chance to swoop in and steal a bite.  He. will. eat. anything. we. eat.

"No, Mommy a Puff just will not do.  I want what YOU'RE having and I will NOT be having any different. Thank you muchly."
that right there is a satisfied customer smile.  
Naturally, he LOVES Mommy and Daddy's cellphones.  Well, we have given him one of B's old cell phones from college and watching him flip it up and work the antenna (yes, flip AND antenna) is quite fascinating.  True to form, it typically goes in the mouth, but he'll kind of "answer" it if you tell him there's the phone for him.  He has a remote too and most definitely thinks he is changing the channel.  It's precious!

CREEPIN' on the neighbors.  Seriously...look at him go!

"wait, what?  You mean you're NOT supposed to spy on the neighbors?!?"
Look who figured out a way through the kitchen gate AND finally got his paws on the market tote?!?  I'm assuming the colors are what were so appealing to him.

1) Being a creature of habit (first toy he goes for all the time, every time) and 2) showing his cognizance of cause and effect (all figured out on his own, I might add)...he LOVES his basketball goal.  LOVES it.  He knows what all the buttons do...he knows how to dunk, he knows how to push the balls down OR work the buttons, etc.

Mommy was cleaning the table, so where did he want to be?  On the table.  Thus, I decided to use him as a prop in my showing off of our fabulous new alligator wall..

Love for Mom earlier?  Love for Dad now...  He's an equal opportunity lovebugger...

You were clapping when UofL lost Daddy?!?  I can clap too!!!  Watch!
practicing his clapping.  Please excuse his foul "just woke up from a nap on Mommy where I was sweating excessively" look.

Of course, what day in a 9 month old's element would be complete without a meltdown or four and a pout or two?

Mean-muggin' Mommy.  Is it possible to photobomb your own photo, Mom? Because I just did. BOOM.

Basketball on TV?  Wait, I have one or two of THOSE...
yes, got it on his own while Mommy and Daddy were watching Syracuse take down Louisville.
...aaaand, I saved the best for boy doing what he does best...being a silly willy...

Funny Face Fred, at your service!