Sunday, June 16, 2013


Every year, a large group of people get together for the annual "Redneck Weekend" festivities.  People travel from near and far to be a part of the event and plan things around it as it is always scheduled a year in advance...minimum.  It's a grand affair and attendance is not only expected, it is MANDATORY.  Those people traveling about to the epicenter of redneckonizing happen to be the Thomases (B, Jack, B's mother: Melva, B's father: Dan, and me), the Morels (B's sister: Christi, her husband: Joe, and our niece and nephew: Jillian and Spencer), and the Blank/ Stone families which happen to be lifelong close friends of the Thomas family who live here in Lex as well as West Virginia.  

Why is it deemed, "Redneck weekend" you may ask?  Well, it's quite simple actually.  It's because it is a no judgement, anything goes, act without inhibitions type of affair.  It is our one weekend a year to gather everyone up from near and far and act crazy, enjoying each other's company through good food, good "adult" beverages, games, pool time, and well... general obnoxiousness surely ensues in some fashion.  Trust me... IT. IS. A. BLAST.  I won't go into all the details because what happens at redneck weekend stays at redneck weekend, but I will tell you that it laughter is a given, behavior is not regulated, and low inhibitions may or may not be a must.  Now don't go labeling us all Sugar Bear, Mama June, Honey Boo-Boo and the rest of that clan as we are not jumping in giant mudholes or bobbing for pigs feet, but it's an "anything goes, have a blast" type of affair and we truly cherish the special time of fun we have allllll together each year. 

It always happens to fall on the weekend of Father's Day which is also, coincidentally, Dan's (B's dad - Jack's Papaw) birthday.  Last year was the BIG 6-0 for him, making it a GRAND affair on top of the already crazy action, so this year was a little tamer in that aspect, but Jack was sure much more lively and up in the action than in his previous experience (last year, he was only 2 1/2 months old - but more on that in a bit).  Anyway, we were able to give Dan his birthday and father's day presents on Friday night which included introducing him into the world of Sperry's as a bday gift as well as a vintage Playboy from June of 1975 (when D-Bo was still in his days of prime), and then Whiskey stones for father's day that came in a wooden box engraved with the saying, "Only the COOLEST dads get promoted to Papaws".  He loved it as much as we loved giving it all to him.  To me, there is absolutely nothing better than gift giving and getting that one thing that suits the person perfectly.  I always have fun with gift giving :)  

Now, before I show some pictures of our day (that really don't look that redneck AT ALL (aside from some beer bottles), let me tell you about one Mr. Jack R. Thomas.  Boy oh boy...THAT BOY. He is such a little lover.  Gah, is he ever amazing.  First of all, he was of course, his usual chipper, happy-go-lucky self, showing off his tricks to all (winking, telling what a lion says and what Daddy says, showing his tongue and nose, giving bear hugs, giving kisses, high fives and knuckle bumps, answering 'yes' or 'no' to questions, etc.) and flirtin' it up BIG TIME with the ladies.  Then...get this: not only was he playing in his little pool as any 14 month old might do, he was doing what MOST 14 month old kids will NOT do: jumping from the side of the big pool into my awaiting arms below, allowing people to drop him into the pool to me, and floating on his tummy back and forth between his Daddy and me...all without any buoys, noodles, floaties, floats, etc.  Zero. Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Brave little buddy and I could not be more proud!!!  He LOVED it, to say the absolute very least!  Now, you must know that I AM fully cognizant that he is not olympic ready and I should not be signing him up for swim team practice anytime soon so in the meantime, we will keep doing what we're doing while he's enjoying himself.  And I will not be letting go of that precious ball of love inside the confines of the big pool anytime soon, but he is showing a great interest and bravery in the water and a solid foundation is forming which is just perfection.  LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE it!!!!

Now for some tame pics of the fun and festivities... (like I'd really show you what happens after dark or the craziness that typically ensues...come on, this is a family blog!  You'll just have to join in next time to see!)

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