Tuesday, June 4, 2013


...well, kinda.  We've actually been extremely busy, but now that June has arrived, time has slowed down a bit and the J-man and I have actually been able to just "be" which is delightful.  Some may deem us lazy, some may color us utterly sloth-like, but hey...we're loud, we're proud, and we're allowed.  Because you know what?  IT'S SUMMMMMMMMMMER!!!!!!  This past week has been nothing short of amazing and thus, Toots McGoots and I have been hittin' up the Banker Beach daily.  It's been GREAT!  It is incredibly different from last year where Jack would do this all day while at the pool...

This year?  Not so much.  Not even close, actually.  Like his father, Jackbaby is a creature of habit and thus, he awakes each morning at the same time he did during the schoolyear...7a.m.  It stinks because it's so early, but it's nice because we get to see Daddy off to work each morning and I get to watch the Today show which I love.  Then, around 10:30, we head over the pool and by the time we get there, it's Toots's naptime.  He sleeps, I lay out...he wakes up, has lunch, and then splishes and splashes in his little pool or the big pool or under the shade of one of the umbrellas in his pack n' play.  This kid is so "go with the flow" it's unbelievable!  He is my little sidekick and I am absolutely LOVING. EVERY. MINUTE. of this time off with him!  I know many a mothers who try and claim this, but I know it to be 100% true when I state that my kid is the bomb dot com.  

Who needs sunshine at the pool when I have it in the flesh with my little sidekick here?!?

Here's our daily getaway...
para, para, paradise

Jackie's little oasis.  He LOVES it in there because it is just his size :)

Jackie's other little play palace when he's "pooled out".  He LOVES watching all the action - whether it be Shawn, Shawn and his friends, Cathryn, or Cathryn and her friends, he is completely content in his little fortress of solitude there...well, as long as he has some Reese's cereal to much on :)

Morning photoshoots to Daddy and Mamaw!  Guess who is now the proud owner of 5 (working on his 6th) teeth?!?  Oh yes folks, our fella is growing up :)

Jackie Zoolander

Other activities we've encountered this week...

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