Friday, February 8, 2013

10 months for Jackbaby!

football leggings on for the Super Bowl!!!  

Our boy is only 2 months away from his first HUGE milestone of his life...ahhhh!!!  And Mommy has yet to begin the preparations for the big celebration...double AHHHH!!! Anyway, yes, here we Mr. Jack Robert Thomas is 10 months old as of Sunday, February 3rd, 2013.  Holy moly...he's a geezer!  Sorry to be tardy for the monthly posting party, we've had a rough past week and thus, this has kind of fell towards the back burner.  Jackie, when you're reading this later in life, please know how sorry we are to not be on time with your monthly update.  Also (and on a lighter note), Mommy somehow (and I have absolutely NO IDEA HOW) I lost the 10 month owl sticker for your onesie...whooooopsie!  P.S., It is exponentially harder to get pictures of our little rambunctious cutie these days so these are the best I could get.  Enjoy nonetheless...  :)))))))

Now, with that said, let's begin...

WEIGHT: 20.2 lbs (from our scale - no doctor's visit this month)
HEIGHT: 31.5" (again, this is from our measuring)
HEAD: 47.5 cm

CLOTHES: mostly 9 months and some 12 months, depending on the brand.  If we go up to 12 months, it's because we need it for length in his legs.

PERSONALITY: Jack is quite the little silly monster; such a funny little jokester!  He has such a sunny disposition on life and loves to approach situations with a light-hearted spirit and fun attitude.  However, that cannot go without saying that within the past month, our little buddy has gotten a wee-bit shy :(  No bueno!  Jackman has ALWAYS (and I do mean ALWAYS) been the first kid in the pool type of guy, never intimidated or scared by others and would interact/ flirt with anyone, at anytime, and any place... Not so much any more.  Now, we come across someone new or someone he has not seen in a while and he goes into full on death con 5/ firepower cling-on grip to one of us and will snub the other person.  I know everyone says babies go through these stages and this shyness routine is most definitely one of them, but it must be reiterated that it is not a stage that I am loving too much.  I want my social butterfly back...the charmer, the flirt, the entertainer, the comedian, etc.  I know it too will soon pass, but I just get so upset when I talk up how funny and easy going he is and then he is white knuckling the back of my shirt.  Oh well, what can ya do, I guess!  He still is SUCH a sweetie and listens to things we ask him to do.  For instance, when I tell him, "No" he stops what he's doing; when I ask him to go find something, HE DOES; when I tell him, "I'm gonna get you!" he'll go sprinting across the floor!  If we tell him, "hello" or "bye-bye", he'll wave!  When I ask for a kiss, he gives one!  It is crazy that we have a real little person!

FIRSTS/ ACTIVITIES/ NEW THINGS: He had his first SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!!  Yay, his Mommy is super pumped that the Ravens won!!!  He's also been standing up by himself for extended periods of time (no walking yet, but he certainly has the standing thing down); had TWO snow days with Mommy...yay!!!   Picking up food and eating it by himself; eating adult food (there is seriously not one thing that he dislikes...he will eat absolutely ANYTHING that an adult is eating - he's a VULTURE!); Gives high fives, knuckle bumps, and kisses on command; chases you; gets in and out of cabinets, taking the stuff out in them while he's at it; singing in the car with Poppy (he LOOOOOVES that!); walking with his "walker".

DIAPERS: Huggies, Size 3.

SLEEP: through the night every night again...YAY!  I do not even have to rock him to sleep anymore.  He gets his bath or we read, then he has a bottle and goes down for the night.  During the day, he has two naps: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  On the weekends, I love nothing more than putting him in bed with me and we take a nap together.  He is the best cuddler, HANDS DOWN!  Love, love, looooooooove!

TEETH: He has his 2 bottom teeth and yowza, they are razor sharp, so WATCH OUT!  We are not sure, but we think he is on the cusp of getting two more teeth on the bottom.

EATING/ FOOD:  We are cutting way back on his bottle consumption as the means for his nutrition because we need to be fully on real milk in a sippy cup (and off the bottle) by the time he hits 1 year of age.  He now gets 7 - 8oz. of formula when he wakes up.  Then, an hour to an hour and a half later, he gets rice or oatmeal cereal mixed with a full jar of a fruit.  Around lunchtime (11 or 12), he gets a full meat mixture mixed with half a a veggie and a full jar of fruit.  Midday, he gets another 7 - 8oz. of formula and then at dinner, he gets the rest of the veggies mixed with another meat mixture and another full serving of fruit.  At bedtime, he gets his last 8oz. of formula.  In between each of his meals, he'll get some juice, Puffs, yogurt, and bites of ANY food we are eating because the kid is seriously a vulture...he. eats. anything.  REAL TALK.

UNDERSTANDING/ COGNIZANCE: As I said before, there is so much he's CcRrAaZzYy!!!!  If we ask him to get his football...he gets his football.  If we ask for a kiss, he gives a kiss!  When someone leave or enters a room, he waves "hello" or "bye-bye".  He knows how to make all of his toys work and understands the cause & effects of all the buttons.  If I tell him, "I'm gonna get him", he'll sprint across the room away from me, giggling all the way, it's precious! When it's bath time, I cannot get his clothes off of him fast enough before he is sprinting to meet Daddy in his bathroom to get in the tub.  When he wakes up, he'll wave or stare at his camera monitor like he knows we are watching him.  I have this bullhorn that I bought for fun with my students and it somehow made its way back here to our house...well, he knows how to turn it on and will scream his incoherent ramblings through it's hilarious.  There's a lot more he does, but the funniest to us is that he does not like when B has on a hat or I'm wearing my glasses.  He likes you to look "normal" to if one of us is wearing a hat or glasses, he will take them off!!!  Hilarious, yes?!?

FAVORITE TOY(s): his barnyard...he LOVES it!  He also loves his basketball goal, his "Ballapalooza", the bullhorn, and crawling on Mommy and Daddy.

Valentine's Day - Feb. 14th 
Poppy's Birthday - Feb 15th
President's Day (a day off with Mommy and Daddy - YAY!) - Feb. 18th 

and some more pics of our little sweetie being well, a super sweetie...

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