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First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the extraordinary outpouring of support and "go girl"s I received from people after my last post.  I know I was a bit...okay A LOT hostile, but it is because someone(s) screwed me over in. a. big. BIG. way.  I refuse to divulge names or private details to ANYONE in the sake of anonymity and discretion, but I did want those involved to hear my side of the story and how badly they made me feel.  And well, I'm not one to shut up about it, or anything for that matter when it comes to screwing someone over.  I feel better venting about you ever feel that way? Sometimes, it's just nice to lay things out on the table and like I said, I'm over being fake and I'm over fake people. Thus, I spoke my personal truth but now we're moving on...Okay?!?  Everybody good?!?  Great!  Thank you again though, it's nice to know I have such caring and supportive readers!  
Beautiful Babe :)
Now, onto the purpose of this post which is the most important purpose of all...
My sweet not-so-little anymore angel baby TODDLER is now 15 months OLD!  Yes, WOWZA!  Like, I cannot believe that 15 months ago that big ol' set of lungs made his grand (and VERY loud) entrance into the world.  Into our world.  And my oh my what a ray of sunshine he is!  Seriously, the absolute JOY of our lives.  He is so happy, so charismatic, so full of life, and just so much fun.  I absolutely LOVE this stage...well, except for the walking and being into everything stuff.  Holy moly is he ever into everything and into CLIMBING.  Kid climbs everything and absolutely EVERYTHING is his business...or so he thinks. Nothing is off limits to him.  And he is one determined little booger.  
Thumbsucker M.D.

Anyway, this isn't going to be one of those long monthly posts like I previously did before he turned 1...I just wanted to update you on some things Jack Thomas.  He went to the doctor today and well, his stats...
WEIGHT: 23lbs (25th%)
HEIGHT: 32 1/2" (85th%) *while he may still be skinny, he's grown over 2" since his first birthday!
HEAD: 48 1/2" (85th%)

Story of our lives...well, his life - he's long and lean, per usual!  They kept talking about how long his legs are, which of course we've always known...just like his Daddy's.  He was also the usual clown/ social butterfly of the doctor's office, showing off all his tricks and even handing out kisses and hugs...even to the nurse who had just given him two shots!  Such a lover.  Love my little social lovebuggerfly :)
sweet, sweet baby blue eyes :)

He wears all 12 and 12-18 month clothes.  Boy's feet are growing like a weed, though...I swear we went from a 3 to 5 and beyond in like a few weeks.  He's had his first 'Melos (Jordans) for a while, but now he has his own Sperry's, Nikes (AirMax, running shoes, and sandals), CHOOZE (click there to see them, they're awesome! He has the guitar ones - don't worry I didn't pay that hefty pricetag, I got them brand new with tags at a secondhand store for only $17.  Lucky me!), Chucks, Rainbow sandals, Wallabies (during winter, just like Daddy's), and Crocs for pool/ beach wear (a gift from NanNan and BigBob after their recent trip to Florida). 

FOOD: We are transitioning into full-time table food but he still gets at least one meal of baby food a day as we make the move. It's easier to give him that when we're on the go and especially at the pool.  His favorite table foods are green beans, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Reese's Puff's cereals, chicken nuggets, waffles, french fries, bananas, pizza, crackers, watermelon, baby crunchies and Puffs, and yogurt.  He's gotten not so big on breads like he used to be, so if we have hamburgers, I'll cut one up for him but not give the bun.  He basically tries anything and kid loves him some water!  Like, seriously.  It is INSANE.  

  • climbing 
  • sleeping with his fan on
  • Reese's Puffs cereal
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
  • rubber ducks
  • swinging
  • mimicking sounds and words you make/ say
  • playing "get you"
  • playing/ being outside
  • his bouncing Tigger
  • swinging at NanNan and BigBob's
  • playing with his golf clubs
  • singing/ jammin' while we eat dinner
  • singing/ jammin' in the car
  • talking and jib jabbering...NON-STOP (that, I'm afraid, he got from the Banker side...ha!)
  • showing off his tricks (winking, kissing, giving "bear hugs", showing his tongue and nose, and telling us what Daddy says and what a lion says)
  • drinking water
  • being out and about amongst the people (he IS a people person!)
  • playing with balls (kid has a GREAT arm)
  • loving on people (so sweet!)
  • seriously LOVES it
  • music
  • watching Jeopardy for some strange reason?  That's like the only TV he watches...ha!
  • taking baths
  • seeing family: his NanNan, BigBob, Prissy, Shawnee, Mamaw, Papaw, JilliBean, Spence-a-roo, Aunt Sis, Uncle Joe, Aunt Beth, and Uncle Kody, etc.

WORDS: Mama/ Mommy; DadDad/ Daddy; NanNan; PopPop; Mam (Mamaw); Pap (Papaw); ball; yes; and his personal favorite: NO (of which he says to EVERYTHING...literally).

other notes/ tricks:
He's seriously such a little ball of constant energy and sweetness.  Jack can mimic much of what you say and do.  If I ask him to say something, he'll most definitely try, decipherable or not and he'll have full on conversations with you, complete with head movements.  He answers 'yes' or 'no' with correct head movements to coincide ("no" being his favorite) and always looks and answers to his name when addressed/ called.  He blows some serious tummy bubbles and will love and love and love on you.  If I ask him to go get me a duck, he'll go get me a duck.  If I ask him where his Chuggington Train is, he'll go straight to it.  If you tell him, "No" he'll stick out his bottom lip and it'll quiver so preciously...but don't worry, this Mama isn't swayed!  If we tell him it's time to go bye-bye, he'll wave and then head towards the door and walk straight to the car door and try to get in his seat; if we tell him it's night-night time, he'll climb right up the stairs and get ready for that ritual. He'll jump from the side of the pool to someone waiting to catch him and will let me hold his hands as he kicks in the pool.  He seems to be ALWAYS exploring and learning which is fascinating to watch. We are working hard on all of the animal sounds and his body parts.  So far, we have the lion, what daddy says and where his eyes, tongue, and nose are.  He almost has down duck, cow, and dog sounds; as well as what Jackie's booty says.  :)  He is a creature of habit and you best not be breaking it!  He's very, very silly and loves that he is and that we recognize that.  All in all, our boy is growing and he's growing fast!  I cannot believe how lucky we are to have such a blessing for our family.  He is undoubtedly, the light of our lives.

What's coming up for us:
Jack's first trip to the BEACH!  (July 8th - 13th)
NanNan's 61st Birthday (July 14th)
Aunt Sis's 35th Birthday (July 25th)
Mommy and Daddy's 5th Wedding Anniversary (July 26th)
Uncle Roo's visit! (August 2013)
Daddy's 31st (August 5th)
Mamaw's 60th (August 13th)
NanNan and BigBob's 40th Wedding Anniversary (August 18th)
Cousin Ellen's Wedding in S.C. (August 17th-20th)
Aunt Beth's and Uncle Cheeks's birthdays (Sept. 10th)
"Gooooood morning, Mommmmmmy!!!!!"

his favorite pastime - throwing ALLLLL of his toys into the big pool

yup, you caught me, Mommy

I spy with my little eye...
"Oh haaaaaaiiiiii!"

the "wink" for Mamaw's good morning text

I wish I was always this happy about being up so early to start the day!


our little fishy, fishy 

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