Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the cat's out of the bag...

no, it's not what you're thinking...I'm not pregs again...my body is STILL getting back to normal after the last debacle and that's a different story, different day and well, something I need not divulge anymore into because this is happy, happy, happy (Phil Robertson voice) news!!!

One Mr. B-Raddy Beawr Thomas got himself a BIG OL' big boy promotion!!!!  YAY for our guy and YAY for our fam!  He's been patiently waiting for this for a while now and it has finally happened and we could not be more proud of or more thrilled for him!!!!  YAAAAAY!!!

We hadn't publicly announced (via FB or this blog, I mean) it yet because it wasn't announced completely to the company and he is still in transition mode, but yes, prayers have been answered, friends and fam, and we are pumped!

So shoot him a congrats, give him a round, peeps, because he definitely deserves it...Toot, tooooooot goes your horn, Daddy Braddy!  We LOVE you and are so happy for your success!

Oh and how did we celebrate? Well lots of screaming and giddyness of course, but he fancied himself a puuurrrrty new ride...she's a BEAUT! :)
(he deserved THAT one too...if you've ridden in his recent truck, you knew this).

...and we started exploring our Summer 2013 vacay spots for Jackman's first trip to the beach and are also discussing the Pearl Jam concert in Chicago since I will not be a whale any longer and able to travel this summer as we had initially decided as our reason for declination (along with the Rolling Stones and CCR, Pearl Jam is one of the bands in which we firmly stand in solidarity upon that they totally ROCK our lives).

Just so proud of my guy...excuse me...OUR guy... JACK AND I are proud of OUR guy - he works so hard to ensure our family has the best.  We're so lucky to call him our own.  I guess we'll keep him :)

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