Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This isn't goodbye...

...not for a loooooongshot.

My dear baby babes,

I am so, soooo very sorry that I did not get to say good bye today.  You see, some things came up and we did not get to say our goodbyes...our final goodbyes and give over final hugs. Goodbyes are the WORST aren't they?!?  Truly.  Especially when you don't see them coming. So many things are left unsaid, words left unspoken, thoughts left at the brink of lips, things welled at the tips of tongues and beating at the edges of our hearts, ready to burst like lava out of a swollen volcano. My goodness, goodbyes STINK, don't they?!? Indescribably. Did you forsee this one coming?  I SURE didn't.  I didn't anticipate it in the slightest.  Like, AT ALL.  Here I am, getting ready for work...ready to see my lovey loves (you) and all of a sudden, I'm there, telling my stories...yet here I am now at home...writing you this...a goodbye note of sorts. What a sudden turn of events.  An instant change. But is this how it all ends for us this year?  I doubt it.  I may be gone from 5th grade for you guys, but I hardly doubt I am gone for good from your lives.  I'll be popping up here and I'll be popping up there.  You certainly can't get rid of me THAT easily. With all that said, I must implore you: STAY IN TOUCH, okay?  PLEASE email me...PLEASE call me.  I want to be at your games, I want to be at your events.  I. WANT. TO. Let's go to the park.  Lets go to the movies.  Let's go paint pottery.  Let's go to lunch.  Let's go to Sky Zone.  Let's get Ice Cream.  Seriously.  Let's do it all!!!  I love it and I'd love nothing more than see you and spending quality time with you.  Hit. me. up.  ASAP!  Miss you ALREADY.  

Much love forever and always,
Mrs. T

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